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Random Roulette Printmaking Tools is pleased to introduce intaglio tools intended for use without the need of etchants. The resulting traces from the tools have a non-mechanical appearance, sharing much in common with those of pastel or pencil.

The tools are offered in two styles. One has the wheel “concentric” with the handle while the other has the wheel “perpendicular” to the handle.


   According to one’s preference, the concentric model is available with a 3/8” or 5/16”  hex handle, and the perpendicular model with a 1/4” or 5/16” hex handle.  Each handle can be fitted with either a large or a small wheel.

Tool Identification Code

First letter – wheel orientation,  P = perpendicular   C = concentric

Middle number – 5 = 5/16”   4 = 1/4”   3 = 3/8”

Last letter – wheel size  L = large  S = small

Price is determined by the wheel size. 

$38.00  - Tools with large wheel — $32.00 -  Tools with a small wheel

Shown are excerpts from proofs of plates in which the tools were used.

Roulette Alone

Roulette w/ Dry Point

Roulette w/ Dry Point

Roulette w/ Line Etching 

Roulette Alone © Efram Wolff 2010
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